ALLNET 4duino Sensor Attitude, Orientierungssensor

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"1.Introduction has a 12C interface in single 8-pin packaging compatible with ambient light... mehr
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"1.Introduction has a 12C interface in single 8-pin packaging compatible with ambient light sensor and proximity sensor with IR LED. Ambient light sensor uses double-light diode to approximate vision response of human eyes at 0.01 lux low lumen. High sensitivity makes component operate behind dark-color grass. After complete calibration, proximity sensor can detect 100mm-object. It is free from factory calibration of terminal device and sub-assembly. Exposed from bright sunshine to dark room, proximity detecting works well. Adding micro-optical lens can improve the efficiency of transmitting and receiving IR energy,so to decrease total consumption. Built-in state machine can make component enter into low consumption mode with a low average power consumption.
2.ParametersWorking voltage
DC 3.3-3.8V
Output current 0-20mA
Rage of temperature -40°85°
3.FeaturesAn optical module integrated ALS, IR LED , and proximity detectorAmbient light sensing, approximate to vision respond of human eyesProgramming interrupter function with threshold value of upper limit and lower limitUp to 16 bit of resolution rateHigh sensitivity when operating behind dark-color grass 0.01lux low lumenProximity sensing, detecting distance up to 100 mmIntegrated IR LED and synchronizing LED driverFree from factory calibration of proximity sensorProgrammable waiting timer, - 90?A(typical value) as consumption of waiting state Programmable range from 2.7 ms to grater than 8 sCompatible with 12C interface, up to 400kHz (I2C quick mode)Special interrupt pin Consumption at sleep mode for - 2.2A (typical value)Small packaging 3.94 (length) x 2.36 (width) x 1.35 (height) mm"
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