ALLNET 4duino Sensor Farbsensor TCS3200

ALLNET 4duino Sensor Farbsensor TCS3200
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4duino TCS3200 color sensor (TCS230 upgrade) A-53 (C49) verview Sensor Chip: TCS3200... mehr
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4duino TCS3200 color sensor (TCS230 upgrade)

A-53 (C49)

verview Sensor Chip: TCS3200 (RGB color detector) Detects static color, the output is a square wave with frequency directly proportional to incident light intensity Supports fill-light by onboard LEDs Specifications Power: 2.7V ~ 5.5V Ideal detection distance: 10mm Dimension: 36.0mm * 20.6mm Mounting holes size: 2.0mm Applications Sorting by color Ambient light sensing and calibration Test strip reading Color matching How to Use In the case of working with a MCU: VCC : 2.7V ~ 5.5V GND : power supply ground LED : MCU.IO (controlling the 4 white LEDs) OUT : MCU.IO (RGB color output frequency) S0/S1 : MCU.IO (Output frequency scaling selection inputs) S2/S3 : MCU.IO (Photodiode type selection inputs) S0/S1 selects the output frequency scaling factor, S2/S3 selects the color filter of red, green, blue, then OUT outputs a square wave with frequency proportional to the selected color intensity. The detected color can be determined by the ratio of the intensity of red, green and blue. Note: Avoids environment light noise White balance is required when the first time using the module, reseting the module, or changing the light source Lieferumfang Weight: 0.01 kg Color Sensor × 1 4-pin custom connector jumper wire × 2 ----
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