Ubiquiti AirFiber, 11GHz AF11-Complete-HB

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Betrieb in Deutschland nicht erlaubt !!! Not allowed to use in Germany Only for Export... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ubiquiti AirFiber, 11GHz AF11-Complete-HB"
Betrieb in Deutschland nicht erlaubt !!!
Not allowed to use in Germany
Only for Export
50V, 1.2A PoE Gigabit Adapter (Included)
airFiber 11 is the first modular airFiber radio system purpose-built for the 11 GHz licensed frequency market that breaks free from the congested 5 GHz band. Housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor, airFiber 11 delivers amazing wireless gigabit+ performance, low latency, and long range, making it ideal for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use, or public safety applications.


Full duplex point-to-point radio
11 GHz frequency operation
Up to 1.2+ Gbps throughput
Includes one high-band duplexer for SISO mode (MIMO mode requires an optional second duplexer)
Integrates with AF-11G35 11 GHz antenna
Supports separate TX/RX frequencies
Accepts PoE or DC power
imensions 327 x 112 x 86 mm
(12.87 x 4.41 x 3.39")
Weight 2.26 kg (5.0 lb)
RF Connectors (4) SMA Weatherproof, Two per Chain:
TX 0, RX 0 (Chain 0) and TX 1, RX 1 (Chain 1) (2) N-Type Waterproof, One per Duplexer
Power Supply 50V, 1.2A PoE Gigabit Adapter (Included)
Power Method Passive Power over Ethernet, DC Power Block)
Power Supply UniFi PoE Switch
Supported Voltage Range 38-56VDC
Certifications FCC Part 101, ETSI EN 302 217
Mounting AF-11G35 Mount Compatible
Operating Temperature -40 to 55° C (-40 to 131° F)
Networking Interface
(1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
(1) 10/100 Ethernet Port
Processor INVICTUS™ 2 IC
Maximum Throughput 1.2+ Gbps
Encryption 128-bit AES
OS airOS F
Wireless Modes SISO/MIMO
Operating Frequency 10.7-11.7 GHz
(Depends on Regulatory Region*)
Max. Conducted TX Power 30 dBm
(Depends on Regulatory Region*)
Frequency Accuracy 1 ppm
Channel Bandwidth 3.5/5/7/10/14/20/28/30/40/50/56 MHz
Programmable Uplink and Downlink Duty Cycles
airFiber AF-11G35
Dimensions 811 x 811 x 460 mm
(31.9 x 31.9 x 18.1")
Mount Not Included
Mount Included
7.14 kg (15.74 lb)
11.85 kg (26.12 lb)
Frequency 10.3 to 11.7 GHz
Gain 35 dBi
HPOL Beamwidth 2.5°
VPOL Beamwidth 2.5°
Maximum VSWR 2:1
Wind Loading 1538 N @ 200 km/h
(346 lbf @ 125 mph)
Wind Survivability 200 km/h (125 mph)
After Rotating OMT
Cross-Pol Isolation 35 dB
Mounting Pole Mount
Pattern Regulatory ETSI 302 217-4-2, Class 3
and FCC Cat B

* For region-specific details, refer to the Compliance chapter of the airFiber AF-11FX User Guide at ui.com/download/airfiber

** Channel widths may vary according to country/region regulations.
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