Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Agriculture"

Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Agriculture"
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Smart Agriculture is designed to perform vineyards monitoring for enhancing wine quality,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Agriculture""

Smart Agriculture is designed to perform vineyards monitoring for enhancing wine quality, selective irrigation on golf courses and conditions control in greenhouses among others.

Sensors of the IoT Kit "Smart Agriculture"
- Soil moisture (3 depths)
- Soil temperature
- Leaf wetness
- Solar radiation (PAR and UV)
- Atmospheric pressure
- Stem, truck and fruit diameter
- Anemometer
- Wind vane
- Pluviometer
- Air temperature
- Air humidity
- Luminosity (Luxes Accuracy) for Smart Lighting
- Ultrasound (distance measurement)

Application examples:
- Wine Quality
Enhancing Monitoring soil moisture and trunk diameter in vineyards to control the amount of sugar in grapes and grapevine health.
- Green Houses
Control micro-climate conditions to maximize the production of fruits and vegetables and its quality.
- Golf Courses
Selective irrigation in dry zones to reduce the water resources required in the green.
- Meteorological Station Network
Study of weather conditions in fields to forecast ice formation, rain, drought, snow or wind changes.
- Compost
Control of humidity and temperature levels in alfalfa, hay, straw, etc. to prevent fungus and other microbial contaminants.

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