Kuando Busylight Omega LoraWAN

Kuando Busylight Omega LoraWAN
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†LoRaWAN® Class C Device †Support frequencies for EU863-870, US902-928 and AU915-928 LoRaWAN... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kuando Busylight Omega LoraWAN"
†LoRaWAN® Class C Device
†Support frequencies for EU863-870, US902-928 and AU915-928 LoRaWAN bands
†Multi color RGB LED light with customizable brightness and flashing.
†360 degree visibility.
†Power via 3 mtr./9 foot USB cord. USB Power adaptor incl.

The kuando Busylight IoT for LoRaWAN® networks is a Class C LoRaWAN® device
and can be installed in large variety of use cases. Through the LoRaWAN® downlink
package the kuando Busylight can be programmed to show any color and used as
a visual notifier, indicating a certain event, status or as a cue for specific handling.
Installing the Busylight in networks combined with Class A sensors will complete the
IoT experience and the use cases are basically endless.

Use cases
†Meeting room occupancy
†Office desk availability
†Parking lot availabilty
†Cue for calender event
†Indicator for status in test or production line
†Temperature/humidity/CO2/ indicator
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